February 02, 2012

Intermittent Power Loss - Your Turn Could be Next!

If you have a Peugeot powered by EP6-DT* engine, sooner or later there is a chance for you to experience "Intermittent Power Loss" as a result of any of the following combination of faults associated with but not limited to "Super Knocks", "Fuel Regulation Problem", "Rich Fuel Mixture", "Lean Fuel Mixture at full Load", etc...

Don't worry if you haven't come across it yet, please be patient your turn could be next, sooner or later.

Many ppl suspect (or accuse) there might be an issue with the RON # and quality of local fuel, but that could be incorrect and baseless. Biasalah tu..:)

When your turn comes, try to reset/update the ECU (you need an OBD2 diagnostic gadget. If you already have a laptop, all you need is a diagnostic software and a USB interface dongle for under RM100 from eBay, if you are willing to spend more you can buy a stand alone dedicated OBD2 gadget from less than RM500)

Note: Your old laptop running on Windows XP could be more suitable than the one running on Vista and Windows 7. Don't throw away the old laptop!

If the problems persist send the car to any authorised SC for through diagnosis and probably your Lion needs the following operation:
  1. engine block disassembly
  2. cleaning of the valves if there is excessive black soot in there
  3. replacement of the engine cover with integrated valve heads
  4. replacement of the Teflon layer between valve heads and valves
  5. replacement the chain/tensioner*
  6. etc... the list could be endless!
I was told by "somebody" this procedure was a suggestion from Peugeot France Technical Centre and was completely covered under warranty, since it was obviously a production fault. (*They even recommend timing chain/tensioner replacement as well, although it is not strictly necessary)

Question to ponder....
Did Peugeot discover something fishy with timing chain design/manufacturing? If so why not just recall all the effected cars? En. Nasarudin, be proactive la bro...

I hope this helps everybody with this issue, I know it could be frustrating .


kL said...

I had mine in the shop for 2 weeks last year when mine was just over a year.. and 2 of my buddies had it as well.

Interesting thought while searching the net on the problem, I found this site petitioning on the BMW-PSA engine.. turns out it is very common for this engine.

kL said...

Opps, missing the site link - http://distributionthp.free.fr/index.php

Lot5 said...

My car got this problem started last year after slightly more than 2 years using the car.

Alfred Chua said...

Does the problem applies to latest thp156 engine EP6CDT?

AHW said...

This problem refers to THP140 engines. Not sure about the new THP156 . Probably you can find it out frm autoworld forum. What I 'd heard THP156 got other problems as well.

cashloke said...

Cashloke here,
Mine got this infamous super knocking since 14k km and now at 42k km it still persist. If I calculate correctly, the total days that this car stuck in the sc in around 2.5 months. I am getting very annoyed now. They are pondering on how to solve my ecu software update that dated to year 2023. Getting software issue now and super knocking. Timing chain,de carbo,PFC outlet modified , retarding of the timing chain and loads more that I don't even bother now. Thp 156 got this annoying problem too,I highlighted in aw and yet I got shot at.so frustrated that I even challenge them to go to glenmarie to have a peek and the cars que ing there. For your information, all the recommended change won't solve it just yet and is a waste of time of sending it in over and over again.

AHW said...

I'm just thinking not to proceed with the timing chain replacement because the real culprit is the design fault* with the entire timing mechanism. Apart from you, I'd also heard a few more cases where the problem is getting worse after replacing the timing chain.

*If PSA Peugeot Citroen say it is not the design fault they ought to tell the truth why the timing pinion is not locked. Technically, I have been thinking it could have been designed for some functions but the idea was later omitted or to be implemented later....

Luke Mitchell said...

I'm not sure if I have the same engine, I have a peugeot 308cc 2011 (Jan) with a 1.6l petrol turbo engine. Early this year I had an extreme version of power loss / miss firing.

The mechanic said that the timing belt had stretched! Stretched?? I've never heard of a timing chain stretching on a car that was not even 2 years old before. Maybe 22 years old. Luckily still under warranty, so it didn't cost anything to fix.

I'm not sure if its my particular car or this model, but its almost spent more time at the mechanic than with me and has never been quite right since the mechanic "fix" a timing solenoid during it's 6 month service.

Wan Ab.H.A.B said...

Hi Luke,
Basically you have the same EP6-DT engine like mine. The only difference is that your car engine is tuned to produce 156hp instead of 140hp.

I concur with you on the timing chain "stretching" issue... is it made of rubber or what? Mine was replaced foc under warranty too.

FYI... my Peugeot 405 timing belt was replaced after the car has clocked 200,000km. Even so, there was no "stretching" issue.

Anonymous said...

hi... my wife want to buy a 2nd hand pug 308T yr 2011, seems like a lot of problem you've mention here... anyway anything to check before committing to buy it??

Anonymous said...

208 gti bhp 200 after 3 weeks brand new with 1350 khm on i found that 30 bhp missing from the engine power lost ...

Moheb Sarg said...

I have the same problem to with the timing chain in my 308cc is this problem will be solved if I changes the motor oil or I have to replace the timing chain

Wan Ab.H.A.B said...

Hi Moheb Sarg, if knocking persists the first thing to inspect is your car knock sensor. It happened to my car a couple of month ago. After replacing the sensor, knocking disappears.

Moheb Sarg said...

My obd2 scan gives P0016 - Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation error so what can I do

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I purchased a 2008 Peugeot 207 cc Sport – 150THP (BMW Prince N14 engine) – for my wife.

Looked after it.

I am fastidious in oil changes – every 3,500 miles, with oil filter every second time. With SA459 upper cylinder cleaner.

Change the transmission fluid myself.

I have found this engine intolerable! It stinks, but it is in a car that is so fab. Shame on you Germany BMW, to stuff up such great French cars.

Yes, so have spent $8,000, on The French Tart for another enjoyable last three years. Now done 60,000 miles.

Recently (last 18 mths) replaced:

All brake/rotors
New abs ecu and pump
New steering rack and recondition suspension struts.
New clutch kit
New intercooler
New timing chain kit (full)
New GFB DV+ valve – recommended!
Clean intake valves from carbon buildup
Fit professional oil catch can system
Turbo oil intake pipe replaced
All electronic convertible roof latches replaced
Water pump replaced

Well, if I don’t get another three years trouble free, then…..

Anonymous said...

"Intermittent Power Loss - Your Turn Could be Next!"

Thanks for the warning... Yes indeed, my turn came, together with a lot of frustration.

Mine is a Peugeot 207 1.4. It's a 2007 model with no problems until recently: stalling, stuttering when cold, hesitate on pull away. All fine on open road. Occasionally anti-pollution fault signal.

Changed oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs (no fuel filter on my model), cleaned MFA sensor. Did not help.

So finally took it in to Peugeot dealer, got the update and they also advised a manifold cleaning.

All perfect now. Just like new.

Thanks again.

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