March 07, 2010

DIY: Removing Battery

There are about a dozen of steps to follow before the battery can be removed. Of course the bonnet must be opened first la...

Tools needed
10-mm socket wrench, extension shafts, 7-mm socket wrench and their handles.

Some of the components to be removed.

Step-by-step procedures
Extra care must be taken not to break any plastic locking pins.

1. Remove +ve terminal connector by lifting up the RED locking mechanism.

2. Remove air intake diffuser [or silencer or resonator] cover.
watch carefully where my thumb is placed to push the latch.

3. Loosen air hose clip using 7mm socket wrench.

4. Remove air intake diffuser.

5. Remove Electrical Distribution Box Cover

6. Remove Main Fuse Module [MFM] cover

7. Lift up MFM

8. Lift up and pull out battery jacket

9. Loosen and remove battery base clamping bracket using 10-mm socket wrench with extension shaft and handle.

10. Undo -ve terminal clamp and carefully lift up the battery by its handle.

11. DONE.
The battery is removed....

Note: After reinstalling or replacing the battery only clock needs to be set again. Other settings remain intact. Don't worry.

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zubairauto said...

hehehe thanks uncle!
rase macam nak kena print ajek pastuh simpan dalam kete.

tak pun dlm kete kena ader socket wrench tuh sume...

kalo tak susah nak tukar bettery time emergency ...

wisconsin9 said...

I must say, thank you for this step-by-step article. :)

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

Most of the emergency situations come when u have to replace flat tyres and/or dead battery. Knowing how to do it can save u day.

Do practice but always carry the required tools in the car all the time.


azhelmy said...

much appreciated, thanks uncle...

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

From time to time I also organise 'DIT' [do-it-together] sessions with 206, 308, 405 and W124 owners. Normally we 'DIT' on Saturday Morning.
Last Saturday we had DIT to replace 308 Brake disk and pads. PM me if u r interested to join.


Alan Wong said...

Uncle, you're the best!! Pandai la!!

hasnul said...

salam uncle, great diy stuff as always. Please invite me whenever u're organising a DIT session again especially for 308, wud luv to join if time permits. we met few weeks ago at ks when i went for inspection.

considering the no.s of 308 that had their batteries replaced in less than a year of its age, i'm contemplating of keeping a spare in the car at all time, jus in case it went dead in d middle of no where. do u know what batt is compatible for 308 we can buy other than from sc? the stated Ah is 60, however according to zali ks, he had temporarily replace mine wt a 206 batt while waiting for replacemnt to arrived & i used it for nearly 2 mths. i dun know wat Ah is 206 batt but i wud presume is lesser. do u think a lower Ah batt can crank our engine? i saw the brandname of replacemnt batt they use is Varta, however a quick search on d net found no local supplier

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

Of course 206 batt has lower AH capacity but don't worry, I had even tried to crank Merc W124 2.3 liter engine w/o any problem.

U r welcome to my 'bawah pokok' workshop on any Saturday Morning from 9:30am. We can DIT [do it together] on simple maintenance. I have enough basic tools.

Pls let me know before hand.


yakubu said...

shouldn't you disconnect negative terminal first when removing any battery ?

A.H. Wan said...

Yakubu... Correct and I don't disagree with you. Old school book also say so.

Unfortunately on Peugeot 308 THP you have to disconnect +ve terminal FIRST in order to remove battery jacket. Without removing battery jacket there is no way to disconnect -ve terminal.

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