January 27, 2010

DIY: Peugeot 206 Starter Motor Removal and Replacement

All the while I had been thinking the battery was the culprit every time the starter motor didn't do its job. But the battery works fine when used on another car.

So I decided to DIY.

Tools Required
1.Turpentine, old towel, brush, and plastic cup for cleaning purposes
2. Flashlight
3. 13mm, 8mm and 7mm box wrench c/w ratchet handle and 6" extension bar
4. 13mm & 10mm combination spanner
5. Flat screw driver

206 Engine Bay
206 Engine Bay is very cramped. Without removing battery, air intake hose, etc the starter motor is hardly visible.

Air Intake Hose and Battery Removal
1. By using a flat screw driver I loosened clip rings on both sides of the air-intake hose to remove it.

2. Un-clamped battery +ve terminal by lifting up locking lever [in red]. Used 10mm spanner to loosen nut on the -ve terminal clamp. Undo clamp-down bracket at the battery base by using 13mm box wrench with the 6" extension bar and the handle. Lifted up the battery to remove it.

Then the top part of the starter motor was visible with "Valeo" mark.


Starter Motor Removal
There are three bolts which hold the starter motor to the engine block. One of the bolts is 'hidden' behind aircond refregerant pipings/clips.
Removed this clip by using 13mm box wrench...

...then the 'hidden' bolt head could be seen to be loosened.

Before loosening and removing the other two bolts that hold the starter motor, the two electrical connections at the solenoid terminals were disconnected by using 13mm and 8mm combination wrench respectively.
08-electrical connector
Removed the faulty starter motor...
starter motor and the solenoid

...then overhauled it. The only tool required were 7mm spanner and a torx wrench [allen key also can].
starter motor components
Armature and planetary gears

After inspecting the armature, commutator and carbon brushes I found nothing wrong [electrically] with them.

Reassembled and reinstalled the starter motor back. The motor turned and cranked the engine on first trial but when restarted the engine the starter didn't work again. I suspected the problem was as a result of the corroded electrical contacts in the sealed solenoid assembly that impeded the full flow of electrical current to the motor windings when it was hot.

Unfortunately the solenoid is unserviceable and worse still it is not sold separately [without the motor]. Aftermarket price is around RM600~RM750 depends on which brand - capayam is much cheaper. According to an authorised Peugeot SC Genuine starter motor is sold around RM1300 excluding installation charge!

I bought an aftermarket starter motor for RM620 and replaced the faulty unit.

Eventhough this procedure is for Peugeot 206, the same principle can also be applied to Peugeot 308. I burned RM600++ for the starter motor which failed just barely one month after the warranty period had expired but I saved more than RM700 compared with the quotation by a Peugeot Authorised SC! I simply love DIY...

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azhelmy said...

huh..takder tempat nak masuk tangan pun? cramp betul..tunjuk ajar yang berguna uncle, terima kasih dia atas tunjuk ajar...

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

Kalu sapa2 ada apa2 problem pasal keto Peugeot dan takder tools boleh contact uncle for DIY/DIT.... kita sama2 belajar/share knowhow ya...

"jimat belanja, tambah kawan...."

zubairauto said...

tabik pengakap kat uncle, memang diligent giler.. mahu habis sehari suntuk buat nieh..

kalo ader problem memang for sure boleh cari uncle :D hehehe

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

Uncle amik masa sejam lebih jer tukar starter tu... nampak saja susah, tapi kalu dah tahu sangat mudah.

Verm said...

uncle d .. great job...
u r really a sifu in this area.

hasnul said...

u really make things look easy. i wud hav given up just by looking at the cramp space. the last thing i diy on my car was to open the door internal panel, itu pun brape kali ulang tgk kt youtube nk bagi paham hehe. i got really pissed off from the sound coming from the inside the panel, after that managed to reduce it but did not elimanate

Anonymous said...

uncle D, saya punya 206 pun smlm rosak starter. saya pg SC then dia ckp tukar kos dlm 1.4K. x jd tukar, terus search tenet pasal prob ni then jumpa uncle D. boleh tau kat mana uncle D beli starter tu?? spec?? worst, saya girl then x pandai tukar. boleh bg advise??

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

Uncle beli dari kedai Tony [nickname dia kat autoworld ialah Lemforder tel: 012-6160660]

Tyson Talenta said...

Great DIY work!

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

Thanks Tyson

Sylvans said...

Is the starter motor for the 1.4L and 1.6L the same?

Anwar Badroldin said...

Assalamualaikum Uncle. nk tanya starter apa yg boleh ganti original 206. ada org ckp starter kereta tiara. betul ke?

Anwar Badroldin said...

Salam uncle. tumpang tanya, starter kereta apa yg boleh ganti starter original pug 206? ada org ckp Tiara, betul ke?

A.H. Wan said...

mmg benar

mellow molly said...

Aduhai.1300 sc nak.tgk uncle tukar sng je.nak kena pgel ayah btolkan mcm uncle.

da mia said...

Memang senang DIY...thanks uncle...saya punya pun pakai p.tiara juga..

da mia said...

Kalau sapa2 nak kat sp ada sebiji..recond second...rm250..0175421294

faryal naaz said...

It really gives me an insight on this topic.
transmission holding fixture

Steve Robson said...

Thankyou so much for your guide to removing the starter motor on a 206. I thought I had found the third 'hidden bolt' but couldn't understand why they would hide the bolt for a serviceable item in such an inaccessible place - then I remembered it is a French car. I live in France and am constantly amazed by French engineering and its need to make what should be an easy task into something that you need a degree in motor mechanics for, Thanks again

Wan A. Hadi (one.D) said...

You are welcome Steve.

Anonymous said...

is the starter for the 107 the same as the 206

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