August 25, 2009

Tyres for Peugeot 308 Turbo

Recommended "All-rounder" Performance Tyres [225/45 R17 for Peugeot 308 Turbo]. Arranged in alphabetical order: All are best for wet weather condition, hi-speed stability and cornering precision.


The Potenza RE050A Pole Position features a high silica content [90%] tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design, large tread blocks and a continuous center rib on the outboard side to provide responsive handling, high-speed stability and traction on dry roads, while wide circumferential and lateral tread grooves to minimize hydroplaning and aid wet traction.

The tire's structure includes twin, steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to stabilize the tread area and enhance traction, high-speed capability and ride quality while minimizing weight. The fabric cord body and higher sidewall reinforcement helps blend uniform ride quality with steering response and lateral stability.

CONTINENTAL - SportContact3

The CSC3 is developed for powerful sports cars, sports coupes and luxury sedans. The CSC3 is designed to combine outstanding braking capability and agile steering precision.

CSC3 tires feature an asymmetric design with solid tread blocks and a continuous rib on the outboard shoulder to improve responsiveness and cornering stability, while continuous intermediate ribs provide constant rubber-to-road contact to reduce noise and control the longitudinal forces experienced when braking. The continuous circumferential tread grooves help disperse water to resist hydroplaning and their asymmetrically angled walls further stabilize the tread ribs, increasing steering precision and reducing deformation while cornering. The notched shoulder blocks on the inboard portion enhance wet weather traction. The tire's structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by nylon to stabilize the tread area and enhance handling as well as high-speed capability.

GOODYEAR - Eagle F1 Asymmetrical

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric is developed for high performance cars. The asymmetric in the name describes both the tire's tread design and internal structure, both of which are designed to enhance performance in dry and wet conditions.

The tread uses Goodyear's Racing Compound Technology to combine carbon black for dry traction, silica for wet traction and a new generation of polymers to optimize tread stiffness. This compound is to increase cornering traction while a continuous center rib improves high speed stability and an open inboard tread pattern disperses water. Wide circumferential grooves also allow water to flow from between the tire footprint and road. The internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with three layers of cord to enhance tread stability and high-speed capability.

MICHELIN - Pilot Sports PS2

The Pilot Sport PS2 is a low profile, high-speed tires. Initially developed for OEM on some sports cars and performance sedans such as BMW Alpina Z8, McLaren SLR and Porsche GT2 & GT3 models.

PS2 features two different tread rubber compounds [a hybrid silica/carbon black compound] molded into an asymmetric design with large outer shoulder blocks and continuous intermediate and center ribs to enhance steering response and cornering stability. The tread design also features wide circumferential grooves and lateral notches that help channel water through the footprint to enhance wet road traction. On the inside, the tread design is supported by two high-tensile, lightweight steel cord belts reinforced by Aramid/nylon hybrid filaments to provide improved steering response and resistance to distortion while enhancing ride quality and high-speed durability.

Lap Timing Test
[by the courtesy of TIRE RACK Performance Specialists]

Check tyre prices in Malaya HERE

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exgtigsr said...

wah.. very2 good write up.. smack useful for thp owners.

thank you!

uncle.D [AHW] said...

Tyre Prices
Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 225/45 R17 RM530.00
Continental SC3 225/45 R17 RM870.00
Michelin Pilot Sports 225/45 R17 PS2?
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 225/45 R17 ?

Other tyre prices [for reference only]
Yokohama S Drive 225/45 R17 RM450.00
New! Toyo C1s 225/45 R17 RM500.00

Ahmad rizal said...

Looks like the Goodyear F1 performs better than the rest despite it being cheaper.. the stock CSC3 performs very well so far on wet and dry road..

Can't wait for a tyre change.. :)


CY said...

Great article ! To my thoughts, I think that our CSC3 are quite noisy, especially on tarmac roads. What is your opinion Uncle D ? I was thinking of changing to the Goodyears F1 Asym once the CSC3 wears out.

uncle.D [AHW] said...

GY and CSC3 are both superb tyres. Each has its own plus points.

GY F1 is the best value for the money indeed. Suitable for wet and dry condition. Looking at the thread pattern and the compound use, it could be quieter and can go extra millage.

CSC3 directional stability is exceptional. Very responsive on curves - wet or dry. Correct, CSC3 is a little bit noisy and ride harshness but WELL worth it.

CSC3 has won a coveted award from the UK's no1 modified car magazine, "FastCar".

According to "FastCar" Magazine:

"Continental's CSC3 took the top spot in the Best for Safety category.The CSC3 is the ideal choice for drivers who want the highest levels of safety without compromising on performance. In terms of safety, the use of a supple third generation silica compound allows for supreme wet braking performance."

CSC3 is for safety
GY F1 is for the best value for money .

azhelmy said...

hoho...maybe can find these tyre @ famous kedai papan in kelang =)

uncle.D [AHW] said...

Please share with us if u can get better prices somewhere.

At the moment 225/45 R17 tyres are available at:

Quick-Save Auto Boutique
No.2, USJ7/3A, Subang Jaya
47610 Selangor
Tel: 03 5636 0917 Mobile:012 2020817

Business Hour:
Mon - Sat: 8.30am - 7.00pm

Sunday : Close

GY F1: RM530.00
CSC3 : RM870.00

will update if lower prices avaialable.

uncle.D [AHW] said...

CSC3 vs GY F1 on Wet Weather Condition.

Recently I and a friend of mine tested both tyres on wet weather condition on our way to JB. Both of us were driving Peugeots.

The rain was moderately heavy and most cars slowed down including those who overtook us on dry before it rained while we were 'cruising leisurely' around 140kph. For us it was the time to test our tyres to the extreme.

We stormed the wet hi-way like speedboats above 160kph w/o any problem. CSC3 edged up a bit... probably my308turbo has more horsepower advantage.

Warning: Don't try. If u wish, make sure your car is a Peugeot and do it on your own risk... or let us do the test for u ha haaaa.

uncle.D [AHW] said...

CSC3 225/45 R17 = RM670.00
Wan Hing Automotive [M] Sdn Bhd
No2 Jlan 4/11B, Seksyen 4
Bandar Baru Bangi
tel: +603-8925 7393

hasnul said...

uncle.D. Do you know the advantage & disadvantage of filling the tyres with nitrogen? Will it make any difference in terms of handling and drivability?

uncle.D [AHW] said...


Some Myths of the Nitrogen Tire Inflation are:

This is NOT true at all even though nitrogen leaks by diffusion through a tire at a slower rate than air. But air contains almost 80% Nitrogen! There are numerous issues (valve stem, puncture, rim seal) that can still cause major leaks. Even if Nitrogen will maintain pressure longer than tires filled with compressed air, but is not a substitute for regular pressure checks.

Bull Shit!. Maintaining recommended inflation will actually lead to longer tire life and increased fuel economy. So always check tyre pressure.

Since air has about 78% Nitrogen there is very little difference [i.e almost negligible] compared to 100% Nitrogen filled tyres in expansion and contraction when the tyre temperature is increased or decreased respectively.

hasnul said...

thanx uncle D, my chemistry is really poor, u made me realise air is composed of 78% nitrogen, I've checked in on wiki to comfirm it. However, I dun know why i felt my fren's car nitrogen filled tyres is lighter & more syiok. Perhaps its the new tyre that he'd changed to

uncle.D [AHW] said...

What makes u feel lighter is not because of the nitrogen but the correct pressure. If filling Nitrogen makes the tyre lighter why not use Helium instead.

You can read a lot on Nitrogen filled tyre Myths at the following forum:


fist003 said...

Hi All,

New Pug 308T owner here. Just wondering what's the tyre pressure that you guys used...? Based on the sticker guide it's around 2.5bar or 250kPa. But the guys at the service center put around 300kPa for the front tyres

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