June 14, 2013

DIY Rear Brake Pad Replacement

u must be able to know how to remove car wheel and have knowledge on how to remove/replace front brake pads. If not pls visit HERE first.

Step-by-step Procedures - how to replace Rear Brake Pads on 308Turbo:

1. Get the following tools ready:
12" F-clamp,Caliper Piston Tool, 2nos. 3/8" extension shafts, 15mm open-end and 13mm socket wrench with handle (or any 13mm wrench) as shown in pic #1.

(Note: tool and jack to remove wheel are not shown)

(enlarged pic of Caliper Piston Tool measuring approx. 1"x1"x1")

2. Assemble "Caliper Piston Compression Tool" from 12" F-clamp, Cubical Brake Caliper Piston Tool, 3/8" extension shafts as shown in pic #2.

(Note: u don't need this MacGyver tool assembly if u already have Peugeot tool No. DF61)

3. Jack-up the car and remove rear wheel as usual. Remember SAFETY FIRST!

4. Using 15mm open-end spanner and 13mm socket wrench with handle as shown in pic #3 loosen and remove the caliper upper guide pin bolt, and swing the caliper down by pivoting around the lower guide pin.

5. Slide out to remove the old brake pads and inspect. If either or both pads are damaged or worn to around or less than the specified minimum thickness replace them.

6. Prior to fitting new brake pads the caliper piston must be pushed back into the cylinder to make room for them.

7. Position "Caliper Piston Compression Tool" and compress the piston using F-clamp and at the same time rotate the Caliper Piston Tool clockwise by the handle made of 3/8" extension shaft as shown in pic #4.

8. Slide the new brake pads into position in the caliper... and make sure each pad's friction material is facing the brake disc otherwise you are going to grind metal to metal...he hee..

9. Swing up the caliper back into position, insert the new upper guide pin bolt and tighten.



zubairauto said...

Wahhhhh! Champpion lah uncle! Memang terbaik dari ladang nieh!
Memang patut pun uncle standby bende nieh...nanti 208gti baru uncle tuh mesti asyik tukar rear brake, hasil drifting or hand brake turn non-stop!
Ekekeke :-)

A.H. Wan said...

psst, psst.. shhhhhh!!!

paul tubero said...

Good guide step by step :)

paul tubero said...

Good guide easy to follow step by step

Edwin Sianturi said...

Dude, can you tell me the exact model of the Caliper Piston Tool? Where did you get it? The Facom df.6 is really pricey.

andrea chiu said...

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