October 06, 2014

How To Repair A Broken Turbo Air Intake Hose

If you have a car powered by EP6DT type of engine, the time will certainly come when your air intake hose breaks apart around the turbo flange. Some if not all authorised@auta-rised service centers may charge you up to around RM500 to replace it if the warranty was voided/expired.

Actually you don't have to spend that much because it is quite easy to repair by yourself (it will take you in less than 30 minutes) if you already have the following items...

(Rapid Araldite (epoxy rasin), Black RTV Silocone, Super Glue, PTFE Tape, Cloth Tape/Strip (1/2" x 6") and flat/matte black paint spray-optional).

The following simple steps show in details how I repaired the broken hose on a Citroen C4 Picasso.

1. Clean the broken portions of the hose...
and then stick them up together back in place using super glue.

2. Apply a thin layer of epoxy resin around the outside surface of the damaged part of the hose.

3. Wrap around with a layer of cloth strip before the resin is set. Do NOT use fiberglass cloth.

4. Apply another layer of epoxy resin on the cloth which already wrapped around the hose end.

5. Apply a thin layer of black RTV silicone on the inside surface of the hose to improve air tightness.

6. Wrap around with three layers of PTFE tape...

7. Spray two or three coats of flat/matte black paint on the PTFE tape which is already wrapped around the hose in (6).



Wan S'mie said...

Aha... Sudah siap gua punya..! Nak kena belanja ikan bakar jeram ni.., tq tq. Tq

Wan Ab.H.A.B said...

Abg.D cdg2 nak gi Sungai Air Tawar dkt Sabak Bernam semasa cuti depavali ni. Cantik tempat tu. Amacam kalau kita sama2 gi ber TT d'sana bruh.

Anonymous said...

good Job!

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