March 15, 2016

"Depollution System Faulty" Error Code

What your Service Centers normally don't tell you!

I never send my cars to any workshop when "Depollution System Faulty" pops up. I'm sharing what u oughta know... the reasons why, what parts to replace and how much u have to pay for.

Frm oneDIY (formerly known as uncleDIY) experience... there are at least one out of three main culprits for the error code. Each symptom is unique...

1. The engine runs normally or a little "not-so-smooth" (not jerky) at idling speeds and can be driven slowly but jerky when the accelerator pedal is pressed harder.
Reason: Faulty/dirty spark plug. Cost of part replacement is less than or around RM50 for a platinum or iridium spark plug.

2*. The engine runs uneven and jerky/erratic at idling and can only be driven at extremely slow speeds or not at all.
Reason: Faulty ignition coil. Cost of part replacement is around RM200 for individual ignition coil pack. Some cars come with integrated coil pack (4-in-1) costs around RM500.

3.The error code displayed but there is no noticeable effect on the engine and the car can be driven normally.
Reason: Faulty Oxygen Sensor. Cost of part including labour can be more than RM1k. I bought @US$132.98 frm eBay 2 yrs ago.

*Note: "ol' school" type of engine, using a single ignition coil together with a distributor may not applied this symptom.

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