January 09, 2017

Installing HID conversion KIT on Peugeot 208 GTi

HID for automobile use needs projector lens. Fortunately, all Peugeot 208 GTi in Malaysia come with light-guide projector low-beam headlamps as standard. There will be no issue as long as the light color temperature is 4700K or less. If you are new to the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting for automobile use  read this first.

Installing HID conversion kit on Peugeot 208GTi is straight forward. Just Plug n Play.

1. Get the right HID Conversion Kit of your choice ready.
This one costs around RM80 @eBay from Hong Kong. It makes me wait for about two weeks.

2. Locate and remove splash cover behind low-beam compartment.

3. Cut approx. 1" diameter hole through the splash cover for the wiring harness.

4. Place wiring harness in position. Use silicon sealant around the wiring boot to prevent moisture/splash from getting into the lighting assembly.

and then connect all wires accordingly (12v and HV). No cutting is required. Just plug n play.

5. Replace the factory-fitted halogen H7 with the new HID bulb.

Close back the splash cover. Secure HV power supply in position. DONE!

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Anonymous said...

Never tot dat ez. Tq 4 sharing.

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