January 18, 2009

New 308 Design Concept

The 308 embodies in its own way the characteristic Peugeot genes . The strongly contoured lines of the “nose” of the car serve as the focal point and create a dynamic and flowing “V” profile which follows back from the bonnet into the front windscreen pillars.

The particularly feline looking front headlights extend harmoniously along the bonnet profile. Four “circular lights” with an attractive technical finish give the vehicle a “look” that is both bright and eye catching, and are clearly visible through the clear headlamp lense.

The profile of the 308 creates a dynamic impression of movement, with elaborately styled panels and flowing design of the windows. The lines at the rear of the vehicle help to identify it. The large wrap around lower bumper – and large rear lights emphasises the wider rear profile and the large curved rear tailgate glass.

The interior style of the 308, exploits as far as possible the space made available by the semi-tall architecture. The objective is probably to give the interior a very prestigious feel, both in terms of the design and the materials used.

The centre console is designed to be very compact, with large areas reserved for distinctive materials both in terms of appearance and touch (the upper part of the console, covered with soft touch high quality material, can also be fully trimmed in leather). Each element (air conditioning panel, radio, storage compartment or CD auto-changer) is also particularly well integrated.

- The door panels with their tapering profile mirror the exterior of the vehicle.
- Chrome detailing enhances the overall effect: air vent surrounds and instrument panel dials, air conditioning and radio control buttons, door handles, etc.
- The exterior theme of the “V-shaped bonnet” is echoed subtly in certain interior details, such as the trim circling the gear lever, the design of the upper part of the seat cushions or indeed the shape of the front courtesy light.

..... creating a luxurious and welcoming feeling, flattering the senses of all the occupants.

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