June 29, 2011

Are Your Brembo Discs Genuine?

I asked Brembo how to identify if the discs are genuine. I was informed that Genuine Brembo Discs should...
  • be either blanks, cross-drilled, or slotted. No combination of cross-drilled and slotted. The drilled or slotted discs are coated in a zinc/cadmium plating to help prevent rust and ensure disc longevity.
  • have identification number starting with "09" or "08" such as 09.xxxx.xx. The Brembo discs also have a Brembo Logo and stamp on the disc lip.
  • came in a thick brown cardboard box. The fakes came in a thin white cardboard box.
  • be machined all surfaces including inside hat except on the ventilation vanes. Fake discs have rough cast hat, with a wide gap between the rotor vanes and the braking surface - not machined at all.
  • weigh heavier than the fake discs. Brembo brake rotors are high carbon discs, and have the ability to better dampen vibration and noise
  • have two equal and identical braking surfaces. Both sides have exactly the same thickness [10mm?]. Fakes Brembo discs have one side thicker than the other.
  • have Ventilation Vanes extend out to the very outer edge of the braking surface (both inside and outside). Fake Vanes are sunken into the disc surface around 6mm (on the inside and outside), meaning there is less material connecting the two disc surfaces.

Fake Brembo Discs...

Both discs are fake!

The Genuine "Brembo"stamping c/w logo are clean and more easily distinguishable...
... whereas the disc shown below with not-so-sharp "Brembo MAX" stamping and w/o logo is questionable. You judge it for yourself. I'm doubtful and I will not buy this one...


Anonymous said...

wow! Are these fakes being sold by Capital Marketing? Or are they selling the originals?

AHW said...

I'm 'was-was'.

Lot5 said...

I'm sure some of BREMBO MAX in Malaysia are counterfeit.

hasnul said...

salam abg wan. just nk tny, if you have replaced your brake pads & discs with the aftermarkets or u still use the ori parts? if aftermkt, do u mind sharing what brand and where u got it.

A.H. Wan said...

Hi Hasnul,
Long time didn't hear frm u Hasnul.
Btw, I replaced front brake pads when the car clocked around 40,000km. I ordered ori pads frm eBay. The disks are still stock - I only skimmed them. Not much wear because I spent more time on the accelerator pedals than on the brakes ... :)

Rear disks and pads are still OK. Probably the pads need replacement at 100,000km. While the rear disks need skimming - no need to change.

hasnul said...

i'm still around, once awhile i'll chkout on ur blog for new stories :).

at what mileage do u change ur disc then? mine is already at 40k frm when i last changed it and looks like it has worn out(replaced wt ori disc last time). do u think that its still ok at 40k? jz replacd d pad is enuf?
Talk to Iskandar ysterday, he recommends brembo disc, m still considering.

appreciate ur reply. Salam

hasnul said...

i'm still around. once a while i'll chkout on ur blog for new stories;)

may i know at wht mileage do u replce ur disc? mine is at 40k from when i last changed it (replaced wt ori disc last time). looks like it has worn out. do u thnk it still ok & replacing d pads is enuf? do i need to skim d disc?
Talkd to Iskandar ystday & he recommends brembo disc, m still considering.

appreciate ur reply. btw, do u mind to paste d ebay link on d ori pads. salam

A.H. Wan said...

Will change the discs with the 2nd set of pads. Probably after the car has clocked 80,000km. For normal driving any cast-iron disc will do.

I don't drive 308 often these days. Only approx. 1000km/month...

A.H. Wan said...

correction: I replaced front brake pads and skimmed front brake disks at 50,000km. At 40,000km I replace tyres actually.

click HERE for more info on brake pads/disc

hasnul said...

uncle, do u mind sharing the ebay link to ori bosch front pads that u bought from. My search only came wt other brands.
Or may b u can email me. tqvm

A.H. Wan said...


The offer was 18 months ago. I think by now this item has been removed or no longer available. But u can try.

hasnul said...

yea true, the offer is no longer there. did a quick check on local part dealers, found valeo front pads for RM250/set. I might go for it as local brembo dealer is out of stock at the moment.

khairul said...

Hi.thnks for info..

i just found out abt a seller in PJ selling this brembo product..do u think it is ori?


A.H. Wan said...

The stamping doesn't seem to be genuine. Better order from UK or US eBay. Normal delivery within 10 days.


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