June 30, 2011

Fake Auto Parts Sdn Tanggung

Counterfeiting in the automotive industry is not a new problem. In the past fake/imitation/counterfeit parts were mainly on non-safety items such as skirting, spoiler and body parts.

Today, the authority has many times warned that many cars could be death-traps for using safety-related fake/imitation items - such as brake pads, brake discs, suspension and steering linkages. There were many cases where cars fitted with fake brake pad /discs and steering linkages made of very low quality materials involved in fatal accidents.

Consumers should use reputable service centers. However, even some service centers may be unaware the parts are fake because they may be conned into buying what they believe to be cheap genuine products. The problem is that the fake/counterfeit products today have been designed to look like almost perfect replicas of the genuine product, so people don't know a counterfeit when they see one.

Now... fake engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, spark plug, oil filter, air filter, etc. are easily available on-line and from your own 'friends' at lower costs and you think can save some money....but you are probably buying fake/imitation/counterfeit products.

Now, think a moment. .. how much is your life worth?


hakimi said...

thanks uncle for the info...we have to be more careful after this.

AHW said...

I think we must put a stop buying fakers product from direct sellers right now.

Before they Fook Yu and Fook Me, let us find the correct time and place to Fook Them back... ha haaa...

Lot5 said...

If BUYING stops, counterfeit can too!

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