March 08, 2016

I'm Back in a smaller "package" with 200 horses!

It's now or never!
Finally I have to make a decision. Replacing the dated C-segment hatchback or getting rid of the "obsolete" D-segment saloon is certainly not an option anymore. A "jobless" ppl like me no need a D-segment saloon anyway?

Meanwhile, it has already been too long overdue to replace the 10-yr old Peugeot 206. This is the priority for year 2016, and yet I had to make the "right" choice among the top three B-segment little hot hatches available locally...but which one is the best hot hatch on sale in Malaysia?  Click HERE

Nonetheless I have to limit my budget - but I'm torn between the two lovers!

Since there is no looser between the two the otr price is the deciding factor! For instance in Malaysia, Fiesta ST is around RM10k more expensive than Peugeot 208GTi. On top of that Nasim gives away RM25k rebate is like adding salt to the open wound on Ford!

"It worth it" 1000-day waiting  since "the GTi is Back" was launched in 2013!

Already PAID in full...

Now only waiting for the Registration Number WC *** R

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