March 06, 2016

My Love Stories

15yrs with Japanese dolls,
21yrs with a German Lady, and
26yrs and counting with French babes.

My "Love at the first sight" was with a Japanese B-segment Civic in y1979 -1984...

... and my last affair with the Japanese was C-segment Accord in y1984 -1994...

(current Civics and Accords have grown up to C-segment and D-segment respectively)

Sayonara to the Japanese! 

myLove affairs with the French never end. Ironically I started with D segment 50-series in y1990 - 1994 then subsequently "down-grade" to C+ segment 40-series (y1995 - rip and y2003 - today) , C segment 30-series (y2009 - today) and now going to downgrade further to 20-series . Kalau panjang umor, murah rezeki mungkin my last French babe will be the A segment 10-series.

Affair with the German lady... no comment.

It has already been almost 15 months since my last update. During which time I was undecided on which car-segment in my porch should I replace first.

1 comment:

Wan A. Hadi (one.D) said...

It is already one year with the 208GTi. A fun car to drive and it is frugal to run for a 200hp hot hatch. Never regret.

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