January 16, 2010

DIY: Suspension, Steering and Braking System Cleaning/Inspection @ 20,000km

AHW308 is now almost one-year old OTR. Just clocked around 20,000km. It's the time for another round of under_carriage/tyre_well general cleaning and inspection.

The most important inspection for safety are the Suspension, Steering and Braking System besides Tyres. Tyre inspection and rotation were done a week earlier.

After cleaning, the inspection began...

Steering and Suspension System

All links/joints and rubber bushes/boots are perfectly OK. Nuts and bolts are also tight. No loose one..

Braking System

Brake fluid level and all brake lines/hoses. OK
Brake pads. OK
Brake disks... sudah makan sikit. By using a Vernier Caliper ...
... front brake disk thickness is 25.32mm [new disk thickness was 26.20mm]. Sudah makan 0.88mm sahaja after one year. OK dan boleh tahan lagi tu...

Rear brake disks are virtually no wear and tear at all [yet]...

Drive Shafts
Drive shaft boots. OK
Shafts still look perfectly OK in gunmetal color. No rust at all! How come in AW forum got ppl complain their shafts oredy rusty ah? Never clean after use meh?

Read also DIY: General Cleaning/Inspection [@10,000th km]
p/s Sunday Jan 17th, AHW308 will be re-test driven to and fro Fraser's Hill...

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Verm said...

uncle D, ur brake caliper look like new. Got tips how u clean ur brake until so clean? I just clean mine today but nowhere as clean as urs ...
really envy ...=)
hats down!

A.H.Wan [uncle.D] said...

Verm, I used *mineral turpentine [got it frm hardware shop]. Mineral turpentine is cheaper alternative than spray type engine degreaser/cleansers.

*Mineral turpentine is better than diesel because it leaves no oily residue when dried. Spirit of turpentine is different [it is agro-based solvent and smells like alcohol]- can be used as octane booster.

Verm said...

thanks bro! u really are a master ...

Muhammad said...

How did you clean the bottom of your car? Looks clean.

zubairauto said...

as usual uncle punyer under carriage "audit" is unquestionable!

aisey.. i really2 must drop by your place lah uncle :P hehehee

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